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Rich Fisher

Head Sports Performance Coach

Richard Fisher is a former Track and Field runner from LSU. He received a degree in Kinesiology and afterwards stayed on as a strength and conditioning coach to learn from some of the nation’s top strength coaches.

Fisher currently holds a Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification (CSCS), USA Weightlifting Certification, and a USTFCCCA Certification.

Rich Fisher

Priscilla Frederick

Antigua & Barbuda High Jump National Record Holder

“Through Fits Pro’s help, I was able to transition from college athlete to professional athlete. I learned how to execute proper weightlifting techniques and power production.

With their extensive knowledge, I improved 2 1/4 inches in the High Jump, became a National Champion for the country of Antiqua and Barbuda, and earned the Silver Medal at the 2015 Pan American Games.”

Antigua Barbuda2016 Olympics

Your Athletic Edge

Our program helps athletes get faster, stronger, and more powerful to get them a competitive edge in their sports.

Through our speed & agility training, we focus on proper sprinting and change of direction mechanics to help each athlete get faster and quicker.

With our weight training, we focus on sport specific Olympic lifting to increase explosive power.

We train athletes to peak performance.

Speed Training & Weightlifting$260/month


If you’re looking for the ultimate solution to getting the competitive edge, running faster, and producing maximum power, then our speed training & weightlifting program is for you.

You’ll train five days a week and experience the same sports training that our professional athletes go through. Our fully customized program will give set you up on the path for success.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Do you want to get stronger, more powerful, and build muscle for elite sports performance?

Our weightlifting programs are sport specific to maximize your athletic gain per training session. We focus on dynamic lifts that enhance your speed, coordination, mobility, and concentration.

Speed & Agility Training$235/month

Tuesday, Thursday

Can you imagine sprinting so fast that no one else can keep up with you?

Our speed & agility training are for serious athletes who want to develop raw speed and learn world class sprinting mechanics.

Group TrainingPricing Below

Discount Per Athlete

If you want to train and workout with a friend, then take full advantage of our group training sessions.

You can team up with your friends and teammates to improve your athletic abilities together!

Two Athletes = $20/month off
Three Athletes = $40/month off
Four or More Athletes = $60/month off

Refer a Friend$40/month off on next 8 week cycle

Per Referral

Do you have a friend or know someone who wants to get faster and more explosive?

Refer a friend to Fits Pro and receive a $40 discount on your next eight week training cycle.

Personal Training$50/session

One Hour Session

Would you like to get one-on-one fitness training to improve your health and fitness?

We offer personalized training sessions to help you achieve weight management, muscle building, and improved mobility.

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Why Do Athletes Choose Fits Pro?

If you want to accomplish your goals, then the fastest way to achieve them is by learning from someone who has already been there. When it comes to reaching your highest level of sports performance, we practice what we preach… every single day.

We develop athletes into winners through our sport specific training program. Champions train at Fits Pro.

Confidence isn’t just about “thinking” you’re better than everyone else. Confidence is knowing for a fact that you put in the work, developed your athletic skills, and completely ready to face any challenge.

A new level of confidence is required to ascend to the top of your sport. Our athletes get to a place where they’ve already won days before the competition even starts.

Earn the respect of your coaches, teammates, and parents. When you go from “another number on the team” to outperforming the toughest competition, people notice.

You become known for your determination, skill, and competitive instincts.

Only 2% of high school athletes earn an athletic scholarship to college. Our sports training increases your probability of making it into that 2%.

While everyone else, the 98% of athletes who don’t have college paid for, are aimlessly training… you’re focused with a clear direction on exactly what you need to do to have the best chance.

Your foundation of success starts right now. The sooner you experience discipline, commitment, responsibility, accountability, and process of success… the sooner you become successful in your sport as well as life.

Our attitude toward excellence shapes your mentality to win.

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